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By Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry, PLLC
June 17, 2016
Category: procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

Discover the many ways dental implants can restore your smile for a lifetime.

When you lose a permanent tooth, it might seem like the end of the world. Or at least the end of a perfect smile, but our Queen Creek and San Tan Valley dentists, Dr. Tyler Saunders and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn, have the answer you’ve been looking for: dental implants. Dental ImplantsThese artificial tooth roots are pretty amazing restorations. Find out just how they can improve your smile’s appearance and health.

They Are as Realistic As You Get

These restorations are much different than other tooth replacements. Unlike dental bridges and dentures, implants are designed to actually look and function just like a real tooth. Want a restoration that will look as close to natural teeth as possible? Then it’s time you talked to your Queen Creek and San Tan Valley cosmetic dentist about getting dental implants.

They Are Designed to Last

Everyone wants a dental restoration that is meant to last While dentures and bridges can last several years, don’t you want something with a longer life? By maintaining good oral health, you can ensure that your implant lasts the rest of your life. The implant is made from durable titanium that fuses with the bone to become a permanent structure. While adjustments may be necessary at some point, the implant itself is designed to last a lifetime.

They Stay in Place

There is nothing more embarrassing than dealing with dentures that slip around in your mouth and make it challenging to speak or eat. Instead of putting up with this issue, it might be time to consider getting dental implants in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. Since the implant becomes part of the jawbone, you won’t have to worry about it moving around in your mouth. No need for metal attachments or adhesives to hold it in place. You can enjoy eating all your favorite foods with complete confidence.

Protect Your Oral Health

A missing tooth can take quite the toll on your smile if you don’t end up treating the problem. Over time, the rest of your teeth can start to shift into the open space causing your smile to be misaligned and crooked. As if that wasn’t bad enough, untreated missing teeth can lead to a deteriorating jawbone because the roots from the tooth are no longer stimulating the growth of new bone cells. Fortunately, getting dental implants can prevent teeth from moving out of alignment and actually preserve your healthy jawbone.

Dental implants are pretty amazing and we think you’ll agree. Call Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry, PLLC in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. Let us know that you want to get dental implants. We would be happy to schedule a consultation.