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yelp reviews


"Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff and reasonably priced."



"Super friendly staff! I called with a toothache, and they were able to see me first thing in the morning. They quickly diagnosed the problem and put together a plan. Highly recommended.."


11-6-18 Deborah P.Nothing better than biting into a chicken wing and noticing that you have not only bitten of a nice piece of chicken but you have also broken off your front tooth veneer and swallowed it!! Oh and it is also Saturday night. After texting a neighbor who has lived in my area longer than I have, I was given the name of Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry. I called them the next day even though it was a Sunday, I figured I would leave a message and hope to get a call back sometime Monday. A few hours went by and i got a call from a number I wasn't familiar with but taking a chance it wasn't a spam call, I answered it. It was Marie the office manager from the office!! Seriously, a Sunday!!! She set me up with an appointment for the next day then even called back to move it to the first thing in the morning. Going in I was very nervous. This is after all my front tooth. Lisa came in and got me all set up. Lovely lady and really put me at ease. In comes Dr. Roper, as he is and Lisa are checking my tooth they noticed the other front tooth which was a cap had a hairline break in it. This was something I had seen but just put it down to character of the tooth. Dr. Roper explained all my options, repair the broken tooth with another veneer and leave the cap as is but knowing when it does break it will be right up the middle. Repair both teeth and making sure they all match in color. I didn't feel any pressure to pick one or the other plan. I decided to get both teeth capped. Because my teeth are not pure white but a bit off color, I was sent to the lab so their lab guy Parker could do the matching. My two new front teeth were suppose to be ready on Thursday and today Tuesday I got the call they were in early and they could fit me in to come in today for approval. I am extremely pleased with the results. They match in color, they look natural and are comfortable. Lisa made sure when I left to tell me if in the next few days I felt I needed any adjustment to call. This whole experience when from horror to feeling back to my normal smile. I recommend Ocotillo Trails. I feel I was treated as if I actually mattered. Remember this was my 2 front teeth!! Scary. Thank you!!!

9-11-18 Donna L.  Amy was the best hygenist in that she was thorough and gentle. Dr. Roper removed a piece of cement that had been on my tooth for over 8 years. By far a great dental experience and Marie is also wonderful.

9-4-18 Rosemary D.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful Marie is. She called me back over a holiday weekend and got my husband scheduled quickly. She took care of his insurance etc. Marie is an exceptional manager. Thank you Marie.



"I cannot thank Dr. Roper for his help in getting me to Dr. Spanganberg immediately. EVERYONE in this office is absolutely WONDERFUL. THANK YOU EVERYONE."

Terri B.

"They were wonderful as always. They even had time to do my filling so I wouldn't have to make another appointment. I really like the new dentist too!"


-Dawn M.


I had a very good teeth cleaning, just like I usually do, from my favorite dental lady. She is very gentle and kind. I was pretty stunned to find out that one of my teeth had cracked off and was having a hard time deciding what to do. Marie, the lady at the front of the office, was very patient with me going over my options again after I talked it over with the dentist. Two days later, I finally decided to go in and get the tooth worked on and get a crown. Well, the staff put me at ease right away, just like they always do. Desiree was easy to talk too and she kept that suctioning going so I would not choke. I would highly recommend seeing Dr McLaws for any treatments. He is very considerate of my anxiety around drills and just being in the dental chair. I have been going to this dental office for years and they really are the best! I wish I could pack you in my suitcase and take you with me when I leave. I'm really going to miss all of you and the care that you have given me all these years. Thank you again and God Bless!

- Rebella

Awesome experience staff was very helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable and welcomed!

The staff was outstanding and willing to help in every way I am happy with all of them.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking such good care of me when I came in last Wednesday.  I was given a good cleaning and she did a good job, friendly and kind.

Dr. Saunders was going to replace my cracked crown, but when he took the old crown off, there was a cavity underneath the filling.  He switched to doing a root canal.  One of the roots was being stubborn and after a lot of hard work, it was deemed that I should go to an Endodontist.  Dr. Saunders is my son, and he is a fantastic dentist—I was given painless injections—yeah!  He was kind and courteous and let me know what was going on.

Because he is well known in the community, he was able to find a dentist to see me that afternoon.  Thank you Tyler for all your help.  I’ll be in next week to finish up that crown.

The whole office staff was helpful and kind, gave me water and fruit and Advil to help with the pain.

You guys are the BEST

Louise Millar


I went to Dr. Saunders for work on my dentures.  Dr. Saunders, Kara, and Marie all worked tirelessly with me to get the job done.  It took some time because of difficultly with me gag reflex.   They always were very courteous with a smile on their faces even though I know they were tired of seeing my face.   I would recommend Dr. Saunders to any one, he caring, patient and above all, never gave up on me.  I thank them all and am very happy with the this dentist office.

Donna M.



The people are friendly, the dentist and the hygienist both explained what they were doing and why.  Everyone in the office treated me well.  The office was clean and very inviting.


Alice J.



Quick, caring and prompt service


Thomas B.



I had a cap put on it didn't hurt, the staff there and the doctors are aweome!


Karla C.



Excellent service, caring friendly staff, excellent prices, family friendly...OUR family dentist...would drive out of my way for sure...Thank you!




I'm totally happy with my care at Ocotillo Trails Dental. I've always been seen right at appointment time. The people all are professional yet friendly. I highly recommend this facility.

Jane Ribotta


I LOVE Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry! I have been getting my dental care there for about 5-6 years now and couldn't be happier. The facility is always calm and clean, and the staff is so friendly! They always remember my family and I, and I feel very comfortable there. Dental care is easy going, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Amanda L.


I appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the quality care I receive at Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry. 

Regards...Hank Smith


Alice Bartoo~~~ I am an anxious patient, but have never found such a compassionate dentist and staff. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Worry not !!


Rebella Kovacevich, RN ~~~  I have been coming to this dentist office since they opened many years ago. I have been very pleased with everyone there. They are friendly and professional. I never have to go back after they work on my teeth because everything is perfectly done. A couple of days ago Dr Saunders made my crown right in front of me. This took about 30 minutes and he fitted the crown on my recent root canel. Perfect!!! Kara, his dental assistant is very efficient also, helping the dentist get the job done. I also had my teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love the dental lady that cleans my teeth-perfect!!! The décor and music is very relaxing. I want to say that the dentist gives shots in the mouth and they are pain free. This is the place to come too-I give them the highest score for customer service, professionalism, and for doing a perfect job in administering all of my dental needs. They are children friendly also.


Yaned~~~This is the best dental office in the East Valley.  Dr. Saunders is the most gentle caring dentist I have ever known and he gives the best anesthesia injections which are completely painless.  His assistant Kara is just as caring and professional.  And I have nothing but good things to say about their front office manager Marie, she's the best!


Marie~~~  The entire staff are professional and efficient.  When Dr. Sauners gave me a shot for a filling, I literally did not feel it.  He took extra care to make sure the visible filling turned out right.  The hygienist, Chris, took extra care and was very thorough.  I would highly recommend this facilty to anyone.


Adam~~~~  Outstanding!  Had a wonderful experience here!!  Long story short...I needed a crown on short notice, I was taken care of wonderfully here, the crowns while you wait process is state of the art!  Treatment was painless and efficient, definitely coming back in the future.


Chris~~~~  The staff here is wonderful.  I have been coming here for years and simply wouldn't go anywhere else!  Everyone here treats you like family, as if they have known you forever.  Dr. Saunders really cares about how you feel throughout your visit there and the assistants are the same as well.  They are all so easy to talk with.  GREAT PLACE!!

This visit exceeded my expectations. The Doctor listened to my concerns and made a great effrot to accomodate my needs. The assistant also had great empathy for me as the work progressed, and Marie the receptionist was warm, geniue, and very helpful with my insurance. Thank you!.

7-22-14~It's as good as it gets!!!

7-16-14~The best dental work that I ever received!

7-10-14~Keep up the good work!!

7/1/2014~Great Teamwork!