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What is Causing My Tooth Pain?

It is hard to ignore any level of tooth pain that you may be experiencing. There is a multitude of reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain. While some tooth pain can resolve on its own, others may require a trip to an emergency dentist in San Tan Valley, AZ. When this is the case, trust Dr. Matthew Roper and his team at Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry to identify the source of your tooth pain and administer the necessary treatment.

Why Are Your Teeth Hurting?

Here are some of the most common reasons for toothaches.

You Have a Cavity/Decayed Tooth

The most common reason for tooth pain is a cavity or decayed tooth. If you fail to maintain your oral hygiene habits daily, food particles and bacteria will increase the levels of acid in the mouth. As a result, the enamel will wear away on your teeth and cause cavities. Your teeth will become sensitive and vulnerable to even further infection (decay). Dr. Roper can perform an exam to determine the extent of the decay.

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You Have a Damaged Tooth

If you have sudden, sharp pain that does not go away, you may have a physically damaged tooth. In other words, your tooth may have suffered a crack, fracture, chip, or other forms of damage. In some cases, this physical damage may be easy to notice, especially if it is a result of an accident; however, there are instances when it may be more difficult to notice and you’ll need an emergency dentist in San Tan Valley, AZ, like Dr. Roper, to identify the damage.

You Are Grinding Your Teeth

Some people will grind their teeth in their sleep and never realize they are doing it. Other people grind their teeth as a way to cope with anger and/or stress. Whatever the case may be, if you are grinding your teeth, it can cause serious damage to your oral health overall. An easy solution to stop your tooth pain and the damage is to have Dr. Roper set you up with a custom mouth guard to wear at night.

You Have Receding Gums

Your gums are designed to protect the nerves of your teeth. When your gums start to recede, those nerves end up getting exposed, resulting in tooth sensitivity and pain. Receding gums can result from numerous things, such as gum disease as well as hard brushing over an extended period of time. Dr. Roper will need to diagnose this underlying issue of your tooth pain.

Don’t suffer in pain. Call (480) 457-1977 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roper, our emergency dentist in San Tan Valley, AZ, here at Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry.

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