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What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Smile problems? With options like crowns and bridges, your cosmetic dentist can take your smile from being so-so to extraordinary. restorative dentistryOcotillo Trails Family Dentistry, which is located in San Tan Valley, AZ, offers a complete range of dental services. Dr. Matthew Roper, Dr. Nathan McLaws, and Dr. Matthew Scheerhorn are some of the finest cosmetic dentists in San Tan Valley, AZ. Here’s everything you need to know about crowns and bridges.

Crowns Overview

Dental crowns, also called caps, completely cover teeth, restoring a normal shape and appearance. Crowns are used to cover discolored or misshapen teeth, protect weak teeth, restore broken or worn down teeth, and cover teeth with large fillings. Crowns can be made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

Benefits of Crowns

Your dental crown will cover your damaged tooth, allowing you to speak more clearly and chew your food better. Crowns provide extra strength and durability to damaged and decayed teeth. Crowns are incredibly strong and known to last up to 15 years. Dental crowns can also improve your smile. They can instantly correct cracks, chips, tooth discoloration, misshapen teeth, and much more.

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Bridges Overview

You don’t have to go through life with missing teeth. Dental bridges are used to replace lost teeth. A crown is made for the teeth on each side of the lost tooth with a fabricated tooth in between them. Dental bridges match the shape, shade, and size of the missing teeth they replace.

Benefits of Bridges

Bridges provide a variety of benefits. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can begin to drift our of place. A dental bridge will help keep your teeth properly aligned by filling the space and bracing the teeth in position. Dental bridges also help preserve the health of the adjacent teeth and gums — along with the additional cosmetic benefits of a full set of healthy teeth.

If you need a dental restoration why wait? Start your journey today! Call your cosmetic dentist Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry at (480) 457-1977 now to schedule an appointment in San Tan Valley, AZ. We have helped thousands of people improve their smiles and the quality of their lives. And we will do the same for you.

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