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The Benefits of Partial Crowns

Partial crowns provided by your San Tan Valley, AZ, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Matthew Roper of Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry can help you keep your smile healthy. Although getting a crown used to require at least two dental visits, things have changed in recent years. In fact, your CEREC partial crown will be made in the dental office during your visit.

What are partial crowns?

Crowns, or caps, fit over teeth, covering them completely. Unlike full crowns, partial crowns only cover the parts of teeth you use to chew. Depending on your tooth issue, your cosmetic dentist may recommend one of these partial crown types during your visit to the San Tan Valley, AZ, dental office.

  • Inlay: An inlay fits in the space inside the cusps of your tooth. The cusps are small bumps that surround the outer edges of teeth.
  • Onlay: An onlay covers at least one cusp of your tooth.

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When are partial crowns needed?

You may need a inlay or onlay if you have widespread tooth decay, as a filling may not adequately restore your tooth. You might also need a partial crown if the cusps of a tooth become damaged.

Do you have a cavity between two teeth? Adding inlays or onlays ensures that the tooth is completely sealed after decay is removed. A good seal prevents bacteria from entering your tooth or a new cavity from forming.

Partial crowns offer several benefits, including:

  • Less Preparation: Your tooth must be reduced in size before you can receive a full dental crown. Inlays and onlays can be added without making any changes to the structure of your tooth.
  • Easy Cleaning: Flossing around a tight crown can be a little difficult. When your crown only covers the chewing surface of your tooth, cleaning is much easier.

How are partial crowns made?

Porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays are made in a laboratory using an impression of your mouth as a guide. That’s not the case with CEREC crowns. Your cosmetic dentist designs your restoration using special software that creates a 3D image of your tooth. After fine-tuning the design, he sends the inlay or onlay to a milling machine in his office that creates the restoration from a block of ceramic or resin.

Protect your smile with CEREC partial crowns! Call your cosmetic San Tan Valley, AZ, Dr. Roper of Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry, at (480) 457-1977 to schedule an appointment. In addition to crowns, Dr. Roper offers emergency dental care, root canals, dental implants, teeth whitening and many other oral health services and treatments.

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